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Erin’s Liquid Gold Glitter iPhone Case: You Can’t Stop Watching

My liquid, gold glitter-filled iPhone 7 plus case has distracted my friends enough times while I was speaking (to the point they were 100% IGNORING ME, WTF) that I figured ya’ll might want a video of this thing.

So here you go:

The famous gold glitter iPhone case IN ACTION.

The famous gold glitter iPhone case IN ACTION.


This thing is like moving sand art. A poor man’s meditating device. With Sparkles. And it’s stupid fun to play with!

When I got it, it was an emergency purchase to keep my phone from falling THE REST OF THE WAY apart the night before I was about to be off-grid and stranded for several days. It just so happened to be one of the only few cases at the store that fit my iPhone 7 Plus. If there were other options, I might not have chosen the whimsical snow-globe-like gold glitter waterfall iPhone case. That would have been a mistake.

Magical, floating, swirling, gold flakes of glitter to soothe you wherever you take your iPhone.

This is a similar liquid glitter case for an iPhone XR:

Here’s a similar one for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus:

Heart finger holder thing sold separately — here’s a similar one (other colors available at same link):

I really like the Amano holder by bullz-i inc. better, but unfortunately, I needed to make an immediate purchase when I got the heart holder thing at a brick-and-mortar. If you have time to wait, I’d get this one instead:

I met the guys who built these at Hardware Massive‘s HardwareCon and heard about all the arduous engineering they put into this deceptively simple-looking loop. I put one on my last phone, but it outlasted the phone! (That’s why I had to get a new one…) You can read more about the Bullz-i product portfolio in the article I wrote for SolidSmack.com HERE.

Disclaimer-doo-dad: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Should I make more of these types of “my favorite things” posts and videos? Let me know, if so! (Or if not.) 😀