FREE Mini Course Giveaway – “6 Months To Sabbatical” Pre-Planning Exercises

Is it time to break free of your corporate job and remember what it’s like to feel alive again?  Is it time for an adventure?  Do you want to see the world instead of the inside of a cubicle every weekday?  Do you want to wake up every day when you decide and have control over what you choose to do every minute?

If you’ve decided it’s time for a sabbatical that let’s you see the world, I’m offering FREE for a limited time, a mini “6 Months to Sabbatical” lesson to take you through an important pre-planning process.  This will help you clarify your sabbatical objectives and desires while you still have the perspective of a beleaguered office lackey.  Before you learn the special tricks on how to stay in beautiful homes for free around the world, how to book the lowest airfares, and how to rent a car for as little as $65 total for 4 weeks in Europe, come the steps I take you through here.  They will give you 2 things to minimize regret later on:

  1. They will help you next decide what activities, living arrangements and countries to visit will make you happiest.
  2. They will remind you later of what you are willing to give up and tolerate when you have a rough day or two during your travelling sabbatical and lose your perspective.

Put what you figure out during this lesson in writing, and remember to take the quiz at the end.  Now, let’s begin to build the framework of your perfect dream sabbatical together!  Register for your FREE mini lesson HERE:

Or, if you want to register for the Full Version of the 6 Months to Sabbatical Workshop, before time runs out at the deadline, February 23rd, at midnight Eastern Time, go to: