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How to Cook At Sea Comic

In December of 2015, while setting sail from Bro Island, I mean, the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, the rest of the crew from the Candela and I compiled these essential rules for cooking at sea. It’s only just now that my digital art skills were up to the task of creating the comic — and poster!

Cooking at sea is no joke. Like, seriously. It’s hard.

Yet, I remember lots of laughs while Hakan Norberg, Félix Ménard, and Nicole Reed were all adding their 2 cents.  Thanks for the help and the great memories, guys!

Written and Illustrated by Erin M. McDermott with contributions from Hakan Norberg, Felix Menard, and Nicole Reed


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How To Cook At Sea Poster – Matte, Heavy Weight Paper, 18″ x 24″: $25.00



How To Cook At Sea Poster – Semi-Gloss Paper, 18″ x 24″: $30.00



How To Cook At Sea Poster – Laminated Semi-Gloss Paper, 18″ x 24″: $45.00



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