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My Light Fixture Baby Won Awards!

Just found out a lighting fixture I worked very hard on designing and making badass  — Juno Lighting Group’s T259L Wall Wash — won national recognition by 2 organizations!  That’s my girl!

One is recognition of excellence in the wall wash/graze luminaires category of the Next Generation of Luminaires Indoor Competition:


Juno Lighting Group's T259L Wall Wash is My Baby
Juno Lighting Group’s T259L Wall Wash is My Baby — Makin’ Momma Proud


And to the judges’ comments on glare: it’s a whopping 4,400+ lumen fixture constrained within ~1 inch source-to-exit-aperture length — FFS, don’t stare into that! 

The other is inclusion into the 2014 IES Progress Report which is not officially announced until next month.  http://www.junolightinggroup.com/au-awards

What made her so awesome?   Well, my optical design yields high efficiency plus superior uniformity of color and illuminance distributions over competitive products using COB arrays and a custom, painstakingly, digitally sculpted high-reflectance reflector.  I turned 2 circles of light into a square-ish pattern on wall…when shined at an angle.  Just thinking about the basic geometry of it all, she’s pretty awesome.  Except she looks better in white…or silver…anything but the black.  I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT WAS PICTURE DAY AT SCHOOL!  I AM A HORRIBLE MOTHER!  Fortunately, she’s still a great kid, regardless…and launching soon: fall 2014!