My Light Fixture Baby Won Awards!

Just found out a lighting fixture I worked very hard on designing and making badass  — Juno Lighting Group’s T259L Wall Wash — won national recognition by 2 organizations!  That’s my girl!

One is recognition of excellence in the wall wash/graze luminaires category of the Next Generation of Luminaires Indoor Competition:

Juno Lighting Group's T259L Wall Wash is My Baby
Juno Lighting Group’s T259L Wall Wash is My Baby — Makin’ Momma Proud


And to the judges’ comments on glare: it’s a whopping 4,400+ lumen fixture constrained within ~1 inch source-to-exit-aperture length — FFS, don’t stare into that! 

The other is inclusion into the 2014 IES Progress Report which is not officially announced until next month.

What made her so awesome?   Well, my optical design yields high efficiency plus superior uniformity of color and illuminance distributions over competitive products using COB arrays and a custom, painstakingly, digitally sculpted high-reflectance reflector.  I turned 2 circles of light into a square-ish pattern on wall…when shined at an angle.  Just thinking about the basic geometry of it all, she’s pretty awesome.  Except she looks better in white…or silver…anything but the black.  I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT WAS PICTURE DAY AT SCHOOL!  I AM A HORRIBLE MOTHER!  Fortunately, she’s still a great kid, regardless…and launching soon: fall 2014!