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Sailing Malaysia and Thailand with Candela Around the World!

Today is my last day in Thailand, and I composed a video of my adventures crewing the Candela, a sailing yacht, instead of hanging out on the beach because I love you.

Or maybe I got food poisoning yesterday from a 100-Baht papaya salad I ordered on Laem Sing Beach in Thailand and am still recovering in my hostel room after vomiting all night.  Maybe that.

The past 2.5 weeks I spent aboard the Candela, with its interesting, international and talented crew were some of the best times of my life.  Super huge, mega ultra thanks to Hakan Norberg, its cool, laid-back and competent captain for allowing me to join in.  You’re the best!

Candela Around the World is a non-profit organization and you can get in touch here: https://www.facebook.com/Candela-around-the-world-308674772660903/

I snorkeled with tropical fish for the first time, thanks to Suzanne reaching deep down in her over-active soul to find patience when my asthmatic lungs freaked out and didn’t want to.  Check out her hitch-sailing adventures here:  oceanxploration.com

I learned how to cook on a sailboat while it’s heeling in the ocean and all the other multitude of difficulties of cooking at sea.  Felix Menard, Hakan Norberg and I came up with a handy instructional cartoon on this, and I hope to work on the final draft soon.

I saw amazing seascapes, breath-taking moments with sea life doing weird shit, awe-inspiring sunsets night after night, so many new perspectives on humanity, and alcohol sold in buckets.  It was all so much more than I could have dreamed!  In Ireland, I was in a perpetual state of gratitude to God for bringing me out of the desert and into the Promised Land.  Since leaving Ireland, I’ve been in a perpetual state of awe in not just His creations which are completely new to me, but also in the fact that He has so many more happy surprises in store for me.  I am blessed in ways I didn’t know someone could be blessed.

To get a closer look, check out this video made from time aboard the Candela!

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