How To Get Kicked Out of Ireland

I only have one full day left in this country and threw this rambling, boring explanation together as to why.  Ain’t got time to explain it to everyone who asks!

The final thing I was told by the Immigration officer who kicked me out was that it had to do with me not having a ticket to leave within the first 90-day visitor stamp I was issued in September… but as you’ll see, there’s a whole lot of other disturbing and confusing stuff going on, too.

A lot of my new Irish friends have expressed vitriolic anger and indignation on my behalf.  I find this amazingly kind and sweet!  But let’s not repeat the same actions the officers took and take things out of context…  I am not an Irish citizen.  I’m just some asshole American who wants to spend my money here.  The officers are there to protect Irish citizens, not their economy.  And then there is Paris, remember.  If I were them, I might lean toward “better safe than sorry”, too, if my ass were on the line.

Side note:  So glad I spent a grand and waited 2 months for Panasonic to fix and send me my brand new fucking camera which required me to buy a 2nd video editing software and resulted in the worst quality video I’ve ever made.  Fuck you, Panasonic.  So hard.




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    1. Hell no, I’m not going home yet! So that leaves one option: Not the US and Not Ireland….

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