Erin M. McDermott

Erin M. McDermott was born and raised in Rochester, New York, and has resided around the globe—from Chicago to Germany to Ireland and Asia, among other locales. She is an accomplished scientist, engineer, artist, and writer, and holds a B.S. degree in applied physics from Kettering University. Her first published work of science fiction is the novella Scourge of Sheol. Future works will also illustrate and combine the unique perspectives she gained through her studies in physics, language, cultures and religion. While she continues to travel, New York City is currently her home base.

Scourge of Sheol: a Novella

Scourge of Sheol: a Novella

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In the near future, a deadly plague sweeps the earth ripping apart the mind and body of each victim. A team of researchers creates Sheol, a virtual reality world, to try to lead patients safely through each terror, yet none survive. When Mr. Abram's son becomes infected, his child's faith in him and the sacrifices enabled by a father's boundless love are the boy's only hope—and maybe the world's.

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