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Life After Quitting My Job and Moving to Ireland: Old Man of the Mountain

Life is different now that I no longer trudge into a freezing cubesicle every weekday, and instead awake to  views of an Irish mountainside.  For one thing, I grew out a beard.

Becoming Old Man of the Mountain Means You Stop Tweezing
Becoming Old Man of the Mountain Means You Stop Tweezing

For another thing, I’m paying WAY LESS in student loans after I refinanced through DRB.  Whether you want to become an old hermit too, or you’re just paying too much in student loans, it makes sense to look into student loan refinancing.  You might be eligible for lower interest rates, meaning more cash toward actually paying down your loan or lower payments, and/or better repayment terms which change how much you owe each month.  DRB (Darien Rowayton Bank) offers the best rates and widest range of payment plans I’ve personally seen, second to SOFI.

If you’re interested in refinancing please sent me a message via the CONTACT tab at the top with your name and e-mail address and let me know!  I can then refer you to DRB and possibly earn some cash from them for doing so — meaning at no cost to you, you’ll be funding a way for me to leave the mountain and have a pint of Guinness with real, live people.  AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IT SO VERY MUCH!

Or, if you know people who are also choking on student loans, please share this article or the video below!  You’ll be doing us both a big favor.

For more insight on my new life, watch the Old Man of the Mountain take you through his day: