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Votes Are In: My Friends Are Fucking Crazy. Love you!

Last week, I asked you all to vote where I will stay once I land in Phuket, Thailand around Christmas for a day.  I thought it would be a fun little game where I might be able to get enough dollar gifts to at least cover 1 night in a cheapo hostel: $4 US money dollars.

But as of today, the results are in, and it turns out, YOU’RE ALL FUCKING CRAZY!  …in the best way!  Oh My God, you guys!!  I still can’t believe how much you need to be institutionalized.

Jessica and Tabby together voted 60 times for option #2: Ritzy Glitzy 5-star hotel.  Thank you ladies, SO MUCH!  You got me   verklempt.

But alas, Ritzy Glitzy was majorly out-voted.  Various random suggestions were highly popular.  Graham voted 20 times for “Something on or close to the beach with no tv”.  I like this suggestion a lot.  And thank you so much for the early Christmas gift!

Another random write-in came from Dave who told me to go nutz however I want, 200 voting times worth.  WHAT IN THE FUCK, DAVE.  You are a nutter.  Thank you, thank you!  But really, what in the fuck?!

And another write-in ballot from Lane gathered 200 votes for a nice airbnb option of my choosing.  I hadn’t considered it because previously, the airbnbs I found in other places were a lot, lot, helluva lot higher than hostels.  Well spotted!  “This one is only $28 for a rooftop infinity pool with a view https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6828990?s=V0498wxi”   Also, you are also insane.  200?!  What is with you people?  How do I know such generous people?!

Yet, as crazy as you all are, there is one crazier.  One of my best friends takes the whole fucking crazy cake home with her.  Lane’s fiance contributed 300 votes for me to stay for a month in the cheapo hostel.


The cover photo for this post was taken right now as I’m writing from the Westin Resort & Spa Langkawi’s pool bar in Malaysia… no I didn’t stay here… just using the internets.  Looks like this is the closest I’ll come to ritzy, glitzy accommodations any time soon, and I’m sooooo OKAY with that!

In other news, Lane, your fiance is also insane, FYI.  You will be very happy and compatible together all the years of your lives.  Congratulations!

And thank you again to everyone who “played” the game.  I can’t described how shocked and touched I was to see the e-mails notifying me of your insanity.  I am so thankful in my cockles.  You got me choked up for realz.  I love you, too.